The Quick Draw Mount uses a patented design that allows full adjustability of the trail camera by utilizing the small threaded insert located on the bottom or back of the trail camera. Three pivot points are achieved to get the desired point of aim and no longer will you be looking for the perfect size and shape straight tree for use with the original strap. For more detailed information on how it works, refer to the "Product Design" above. 

We have multiple pictures showing how the Quick Draw Mount performs out in the field under the "Photos" and it really displays the true benefit of the mount. Quick Draw Mount has set out to accomplish one flaw that exists with today's trail cameras, the ability to mount the camera. Say goodbye to the factory nylon strap that requires jamming sticks behind the camera, and hello to full adjustability. Read more under "Mission Statement". 

At only $12.95 a piece Quick Draw Mount accepts credit cards and Paypal. You can buy your Quick Draw Mount Today by selecting the "BUY IT NOW" button at the top left of the screen or under the "Products" page. For more payment information select "How to Order". Also visit the "Feedback" section to see all the great reviews this product has received. As well as helpful videos.

Quick Draw Mount understands that great customer service plays a large role in a successful business. We strive to have great customer service and will work hard to make a mount that works great, with fast shipping and with quick customer follow ups. If your camera has a threaded insert, Quick Draw Mount will make a mount for it. If you are unsure, ask us. Visit "Support" for more information.