Quick Draw Mount is owned by father and son with an obsession to the outdoors and bow hunting. This led us to the addiction of trail cameras and following our favorite whitetail deer. Below is our story and how the product came about. 

We personally have owned trail cameras since 2005. Since that time, I have owned a camera from most of the camera suppliers. That experience has allowed me to gain a perspective of what each company's advantages and/or flaws are. In my opinion, one flaw that exists and is consistent with every camera I have owned; the ability to mount the camera. 

Most of the manufactures rely on a nylon strap that is intended to wrap behind the camera, wrap around the tree and hold the camera stationary to the tree as shown in FIG 1. The main securing method is a plastic snap buckle device shown in FIG 2. (Pictures provided in FIG 1 and FIG 2 are from internet).

Problems with nylon strap mounting strategy

1. Plastic snap buckle often breaks when securing to tree

2. Only perpendicular adjustment is gained with strategy up and  down the tree. (How often are tree's perfectly straight??)

3. Straps are easily visible to both game and thieves because they wrap 360 degrees around the tree and are often 2" wide strap.

4. The camera can only be mounted 4-6 feet from the ground because of the lack of tilt adjustment.

After battling with the above problems for over 8 years, we went out to seek a solution to the current manufacturing mounting system. 

Below is a list of what we wanted to accomplish.

1. The ability to mount the camera in every tree in the woods.

2. The option to mount the camera high in the tree and aim downwards to deter human theft and game observation of the camera.

3. The option of making the mount universal to work with all trail camera companies. 

In summary, the mount needed to be FULLY ADJUSTABLE!

The manufacturing companies have recently reached an unspoken standardization. Each company has begun to add a threaded insert to the bottom of the trail cameras that share the same thread pattern of 1/4 x 20 UNC thread as shown below.

This is the mounting detail chosen for the Quick Draw Mount. You can read more about the design under the tab "Product Design". After detailed development work, years of personal in field testing, and hundreds of customers, the QUICK DRAW MOUNT has solved the issue we set out to solve.